Job Placement

Upon completion of our Life Launch Program, foster youth will have the opportunity to intern with one of our job placement partners. This hands-on experience allows them to apply the skills they’ve acquired in a real-world work environment. Foster youth gain practical experience, develop essential workplace skills, and build their confidence and competence, taking concrete steps to address a critical issue—foster youth employment and homelessness prevention.

Hãnai Coffee

Hãnai Coffee was opened specifically to provide a supportive environment for foster youth where they can gain valuable work experience and develop essential life skills. Hãnai trains, employs and mentors youth in the foster care system. Their focus is to help develop foster youth into a hard working and passionate workforce. Hãnai's dream is for foster youth to become the leaders of their business and eventually open a Hãnai of their own.

To learn more about Hanai Coffee visit

Peer Support Training & Job Placement

Foster youth often face unique challenges and experiences that can be difficult for others to relate to, but connecting with peers who have gone through similar situations can offer validation and emotional support.

Through our Peer Support Training & Job Placement program, Friends of Ohana guides aged-out foster youth through the training and certifications to become Peer Support Specialists. They are then equipped to gain employment as supports and mentors to foster youth that are still in the system. Aged-out youth are given the opportunity to serve as role models and sources of inspiration, showing foster youth that it is possible to overcome adversity and achieve their goals.

Become a Job Placement Partner

If your business is ready to employ foster youth or aged-out foster youth, Friends of Ohana can provide you with the training, support and guidance to help them become your best employee. Complete this form for more information.
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